OpenSIPS vs Asterisk

OpenSIPS and Asterisk are both open source projects and both are used for Voice over IP. However, they perform quite different roles, have different capabilities and different strengths and weaknesses. This article reviews how they are so different and considers what role each product can play in the infrastructure of an Internet Telephony Service Provider … Read more

SIP Outbound Proxy Server Explained

Why do IP Phones require a setting for ‘Outbound Proxy Server’? Outbound Proxy Server When you look at the configuration options on most IP phones, you will see a field called “Outbound Proxy” or “Outbound Proxy Server”. In this field you can enter an IP address, a host.domain name or just a domain name (as … Read more

IP Phone Configuration: SIP Proxy Server

What is the ‘SIP Proxy Server’ setting on an IP phone? It might be called something different on your IP phone In their wisdom, each manufacturer has made different decisions about the naming of data parameters on their IP phones. So if you look at a Snom phone it uses different names to those on … Read more

SIP Registration Explained

How does SIP Registration work and why is it needed? Registration – what it is and why it is necessary IP Phones (and SIP clients in general) need to register with a central server mainly because this allows the phone’s location to be known when it is required to receive an incoming call. The “location” … Read more

SIP Servers Explained

What are SIP Servers and why are there so many? SIP and SIP Servers – a brief explanation SIP is a general purpose Session Initiation Protocol that can be used as the basis for a range of services that extend beyond VoIP to video, Presence and beyond. It is a powerful and highly versatile protocol … Read more