Welcome to the Smartvox Knowledgebase

Smartvox UK was originally a limited company, first established in 2004. Its main focus was the design and provision of OpenSIPS solutions for ITSP’s. It provided solutions based on OpenSIPS and rtpengine allowing its customers to secure the network-edge without incurring the high cost of commercial SBCs. It is no longer registered as a limited company.

The work at Smartvox primarily focussed on VoIP and SIP, especially versions of OpenSIPS up to v3.1. This was complemented by a good working knowledge of Asterisk, Kamailio, MySQL, Teams, fail2ban, Docker, Pacemaker, Homer, FreeSWITCH, LetsEncrypt, iptables, bash scripts etc. – all running on various Linux distros. The articles here, which are original material mostly derived from internal research projects, reflect these topics.

The owner, John, retired in 2022. This means that no new projects or customers are being taken on. However, the articles on this web site will remain available for an indefinite period probably determined by my skills as a network and WordPress administrator and, ultimately, by my ability to keep the web servers running securely.

I hope to continue posting new articles here, but these may reflect a wider range of subjects beyond VoIP and SIP. My new interests include electronics, especially using programmable controllers like the Arduino. I have a bunch of ideas for projects and am currently researching how to get data off the Arduino via Bluetooth Low Energy onto a Windows laptop.

If you find any of the articles useful, please use the “Like” and “Share” buttons to show your appreciation: You will find social media Like and Share buttons at the start of each article and an internal “Like” counter at the end.

It is still possible to get in touch – Smartvox Contact Details – but I’m not promising a speedy response.
I still have some contacts in the VoIP industry and can put you in touch with a recommended SIP consultant even if I cannot help.

The technical articles on this site are mainly aimed at VoIP professionals and users of open source VoIP products. Please use the Category headings on the right or the tabs along the top of the page to find the information of interest to you.

John Quick, Smartvox UK, April 2023