Welcome to the Smartvox Knowledgebase

Smartvox is a Limited company established in 2004 and registered in the UK. Our main focus is the design and provision of OpenSIPS solutions for ITSP’s. We can provide solutions based on OpenSIPS and rtpengine to secure your network-edge without having to pay crazy prices for a commercial SBC.

We provide outstanding expertise in this field and have extensive experience of SIP and all versions of OpenSIPS up to v3.1. This is complemented by familiarity with Asterisk, Kamailio, MySQL, Teams, fail2ban, Docker, Pacemaker, Homer, FreeSWITCH, LetsEncrypt, iptables, bash scripts etc. We are happy working on various Linux distros. 

The articles you will find here are original material derived from internal research projects, almost entirely self funded. If you find it useful, please use the “Like” and “Share” buttons to show your appreciation: You will find social media Like and Share buttons at the start of each article and an internal “Like” counter at the end.

Smartvox is a small consultancy business providing a one-to-one friendly service. You are welcome to call and speak to me, John, to discuss your IP Telephony requirements. We can provide assistance with any of the following:

  • Consultancy for all OpenSIPS projects (configuration – system/network integration – test)
  • Design and setup of secure/resilient solutions for Internet Telephony Service Providers
  • Problem debugging assistance and Solution integration with fail2ban, rtpengine, etc

Get in touch to discuss your requirements – Smartvox Contact Details or call +44 1727 221221
Please note, John retired at the end of 2020 so we are unable to take on any large projects, but may be able to put you in touch with another recommended consultant.

The technical articles on this site are aimed at VoIP professionals and users of open source VoIP products. Please use the Category headings on the right or the tabs along the top of the page to find the information of interest to you.

John Quick, Smartvox Limited, June 2021.