RTP, Jitter and audio quality in VoIP

In this article we will briefly look at what RTP is and how it is used to stream VoIP audio. The article then considers how certain network transmission characteristics may introduce jitter or packet loss and the measures that are used in VoIP equipment to mitigate the effects. Other phenomenon which have a bearing on … Read more

VoIP QoS in practice: About Network Congestion

My previous two articles explored QoS tagging of voice data packets using ToS/DiffServ values and of Ethernet frames using CoS or Priority values. QoS is often advocated as an essential part of any self-respecting VoIP solution and there is no doubt it can make a big difference in the right circumstances. However, it would be … Read more

VoIP QoS Settings – part 1

The QoS settings on VoIP phones and related equipment can be perplexing. Here, I will attempt to explain what parameters like CoS, ToS, DiffServ and DSCP really mean and offer practical suggestions for the values that should be assigned to them. Part 1 of this article starts with a broad overview and then focuses on … Read more