About IP Packet Communications – TCP and UDP

Devices communicate data to other devices on the Internet using certain recognised protocols that involve routing and transmission of packets of data to a remote device identified by an IP addresses. The most widely used protocols on the Internet are TCP and UDP. The differences between these two protocols are of a highly technical nature … Read more

What is NAT?

What is NAT? NAT stands for Network Address Translation. Many devices sold as Firewalls or Routers are actually combined Firewall, Router and NAT device in one box. NAT is the mechanism that allows you to have many PC’s on your LAN all connected to the Internet through a single external IP address. When one of … Read more

Configuring and Using SIP Domains in Asterisk

What are SIP Domains? SIP requests delivered to a Proxy server or other SIP device must contain details of valid destinations and end-points that are to be reached or which are to receive responses. The address of a SIP device is generally referred to as its URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) – it has to uniquely … Read more